Pro Poser

The Mask Antes up

…Jack casts first targeting him with in which Jack T almost kills himself….
After a heated and almost physical confrontation the group arrives in Waterdeep just in time for the may festival. Durion seeks out Orirora Yader (cousin to the Sylfir family). Orirora informs Durion that Kelvin is in fact held up in Cormanthor Forest. They immediately set out to Cormanthor Forest.

Upon arriving the group begins gathering information as to what Kelvin is up to. Jack T garners from Kelvins wife that he [Kelvin] is planning to make a sizable purchase in Suzail, the item being sold at an auction for elemental weapons. Durion meanwhile sets about getting the council meeting started, which he is told will take place in two to three weeks time.

In Suzail they group finds Kelvins second in command and his brother at the auction with the intent of purchasing some kind of weapon. The last item up for bid is a Tower of Elemental Control which the two bid a couple times on before placing their final bid of 1,000,000gp. After a verbal exchange the group is invited to come see what they were out bid on in the morning.

On their way back to their inn after a night in the town the group spots a lone man standing just before the entrance to the inn just outside of town. As they stop, a 3 groups of assassins spring from their cover to attack. After slaying the aggressors with a little help from the inns resident adventurer they rest for the night.

The following morning the Beinon, Durion, Jack T, Jack, Lorral head for the beach. Upon arrival the two followers of The Mask immediately launch they tower generator. Wasting no time, Durion attacks first landing a blow before the men retreat to the floating weapon, a tower held aloft by wind and water. Once the group regroups on the tower they are attacked by a massive air elemental. After dealing with the attacking winds they deal with the two followers quickly but not before they initiate the self destruct sequence. With a few seconds to spare the group deactivates the self destruct and escapes the tower.

Once they gather on the beach they call Patrick and sell him the artifact for 1,100,000gp and a flying galleon. They then return to Cormanthor Forest.



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