Pro Poser

The Destroyer Revealed

…kills Johnny and the bodytheif that ate him before returning to town…
Patrick delivers a helper in the form of a human named Ben. Jack T receives information that Bella and Chase are currently in the Korrin Archipelago. They spot “The Duke’s Spirit” docked at one of the small trade cities. Upon arriving Jack T gathers a man named Everard ‘Shaded’ Ross has information they could use to locate them.

Finding Everard on the docks he agrees to give them the information they seek in return for a weapon a man named Christian Archangel has but their is a problem… Christian is in prison for piracy. Beinon and Durion fly ahead and find the prison while Jack T, Jack, and Lorral find out what they can from the other town folk.

Upon breaking Chris Archangel from prison and hire him as their second in command, Beinon and Durion deliver the pistol to Jack T. Jack T informs Everard that he will deliver the weapon once the information is verified. The group heads to Caer Corwell where they find Bella and Radgar at a local inn. After verbal threats between both groups, Jack T convinces the two to join them at a temple of Ohgma to determine what is fact.

At the temple, the clerics preform the same ritual used to see memories from Jack T on Bella. Once inside the memory Lorral sees a figure the others don’t, a man wearing seamless fullplate with no face. They emerge from the memory with Bella convulsing on the floor and Chase unwilling to help further till Bella is alright.

Jack T comunes with Nethys finding out that the culprit behind his families murder is a fiend named “The Destroyer”. The clerics give Jack T a location to start looking.

Upon arriving the group finds its way into the mountains near the lake of steam. After traversing the caverns they find a hole into the outskirts of Underdark. Once through this man sized tunnel they find a Beholder blocking their progression. After killing the beholder and several of the drow that heard the commotion the group gathered themselves for the fight they knew was on the otherside of the tunnel for one drow had managed to slip away.

Once down the tunnel, the group are engaged by 4 high ranking drow in the form of a Matron, Champion, Poisoner, and Priest. But even the drow could not best them and fell shortly after.

Group Leveled: 9th



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