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Meet Your Maker

…return to Cormanthor Forest…

Upon their return to Cormanthor Forest the group encounters Patrick and an elf by the name of Eldin. After a brief introduction to each other the group head to the tavern waiting for the council to be summoned for Kelvins trial. While drinking, Eldin, Jack T and Beinon spot The Mask moving quickly and seemingly unnoticed along the forest floor. Giving chase they track Kelvin and witness him breaking into elven noble houses. Upon summoning the elven guard and informing them that The Mask appeared to leave something in the house, the guard search the premise and return with a bomb! Jack T quickly sets about disarming the bomb but in his rush makes a mistake that detonates the bomb killing the three guards near him and almost killing himself.

Eldin and Beinon inform two of the guards families of their deaths before quickly going about warning the other local nobles of the possibility that they may have bombs in their residences. Eldin and Beinon post outside of Kelvins house awaiting his return while the rest of the group reforms at the tavern. Jack T garners from Kelvins wife that they [Gout Family] are leaving the city. Eldin and Beinon go about examining the council chambers for explosives while Durion and Jack T check out the larger council grounds.

Discovering poison sacks and explovies under each of the council members chairs, Eldin and Beinon head back to the larger council grounds to assist the others in their search. Jack T manages to find several explosives set up to cause the trees to fall in on the on lookers and crush them. Eldin planar shifts the explovies to Kelvins family tree cellar.

The following day the council and residents gather for the hearing. Kelvin is convicted of murder and sentenced indefinite stasis. Durion requests better more fulfilling justice in the form of a duel. The council agrees. As Durion and Kelvin face off, Kelvins guards attack the rest of the group. After the brief encounter, Kelvin and his men are killed. The council reinstates the Sylfir name as noble heirs just in time to hear the Gout tree explode at the base and topple over. The remaining Gout family takes Kelvins remains to be buried.

Jack T asks the group to accompany him to Waterdeep where he asks the clerics of Ohgma to discern the location of Bella and Chase Radgar. They inform him they will begin to gather the information they can and tell him to ask Johnny in a neighboring town for further information. Unfortunately the group kills Johnny and the bodytheif that ate him.



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