Pro Poser

Locks of Love

(Jack Episode) Jack stumbles upon clues to his dissention.

…a coffee shop across the way ablaze with the Sylfir Noble symbol…
Jack T quickly casts create water and puts the shop out. But panic has already stricken the commoners surrounding the area. Beinon, Durion, Jack T, Lorral, and Jack make haste across Waterdeep. Regrouping at the “Thin Mice” tavern, a plan begins to form on how to hit Kelvin where it hurts, his coin purse.

(Plot Twist Card is played)

After scouting the tavern for roughly an hour, a couple marks enter the scene. Bella Radgar, a voluptuous blonde clad in purple trench coat and wide brimmed purple hat enters first. Chase Radgar, wearing a bandoleer full of human(oid) skulls, a cybernetic eye, and his left arm tucked into his clothing follows in suit. Beinon puts his best foot forward and entices Bella to a late afternoon rendezvous in the dirigible. Jack T, feeling uneasy of the pair follows Beinon and Bella back to the ship. As Bella gets up to leave, Jack T spots a tattoo on her right shoulder blade, an anchor and chain, a symbol he remembers when he fled his region. Jack T asks her if she is a pirate to which Bella responds “What difference does it make?” Jack T promptly forbids her coming back to the ship.

Meanwhile, Durion arrives at the Temple of Oghma seeking info from his informant Kevin, an acolyte of Oghma. He finds that the section of the wall with their symbol of nobility is already inside being cast upon to find who did so. Speaking with Kevin, Durion is told her will be contacted with further information as to any leads on Kelvins whereabouts.

The following day, Beinon receives word that Bella is shipping off and he bids her farewell, leaving her with a refuge stone to Patricks city. Durion receives a message from Kevin to head to Baldur’s Gate to find his next clue. The group gathers back at the dirigible and heads southeast towards Baldur’s Gate and seek out a Beilen Yader. Three days into their travels the girls demand a break to stretch and get some fresh air. Once docked the group spots a lone Iron Golem in the woods with a leash around its neck. a few seconds after spotting the golem, a goblin exits the woods holding the leash. Sneevle, a goblin wizard wearing ragged nobles garb requests they recover a couple heirlooms of his tribes to help him gain leadership.

Traveling several miles into the forest they come across the troll village where Sneevle says the heirlooms currently reside. After defeating the main force, with the help of Lorral and her sisters, the group crushes the Troll Warlord. Upon giving +2 Cast Iron Skillet Greataxe and the Horseshoe crown to Sneevle the continue on their way southeast.

Upon arriving at Baldur’s Gate they quickly set about finding Beilen. After being tricked by a local tavern keep they stumble upon a trapped tunnel which finds them in the cross hairs of a crossbow held by Beilen.

The twins ask the elf a series of questions in the hopes of finding out Kelvins location, only to find out that Beilen is of lesser decent to the house of Sylfir (cousin). The find that there are 5 more cousins in Kelvins employ and Beilin advises the twins retake their rights on the elven court.

Back on the ship and headed towards Waterdeep, Jack T has another of his recent nightmares begins pulsing energy waves of the negative and positive planes of existance. While most of the crew is healed of their wounds, several are injured. Jack confronts Jack T and while Jack T begins to heal Jack, Jack casts first targeting him with in which Jack T almost kills himself….



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