Elf - Unchained Rogue


Warrior of Old – As a child, you put in long hours on combat drills, and though time has made this training a dim memory, you still have a knack for quickly responding to trouble.

Dirty Fighter – You wouldn’t have lived to make it out of childhood without the aid of a sibling, friend, or companion you could always count on to distract your enemies long enough for you to do a little bit more damage than normal. That companion may be another PC or an NPC (who may even be recently departed from your side).


Beinon Sylfir and Durion Sylfir, elven twins of noble heritage, grew up rather normal lives. They attended the best schools for elven high magic from the start though were quickly removed due to a stark lack of attention. From there they went to schools for the pious, though their complete lack of believing in higher powers quickly deemed them unworthy. Lastly they attended the schools for the martially inclined where they studied the art of deceit and cunning.

Their parents asked them to accompany them to Waterdeep during a time of business. Accepting, the twins escorted them around town taking in the sights of the massive cityscape.
All was not perfect though as during the trip, the twins were caught in an ambush between local thugs. As they dispatched the motley crew they turned in time to watch as their parents lifeless corpses fell to the ground. They managed to find several family heirlooms had been stolen which tied them to their noble birthright.

Beinon remains in good spirits, which cannot be said to be the same for his brother Durion.


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