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The Twins Meet the Mask

(Durion and Benion Episode) Durion and Benion discover the man behind their parents murder.

After a couple weeks rest, Patrick reconvenes with the group concerning a talisman, a minor artifact that can be used to alter time itself. Garnering an informants name and location the group sets off heading west along the coast line to an island in the nation of Cheliax.

They meet up with Calfus, a peg leg pirate with a stuffed parrot named Mr. Tinkles. Calfus and Mr. Tinkles divulge the information they know of the talisman and mark it on the groups map. On their way back to the dirigible Durion notices they are being watched by someone in the market across the way, a male elf with a(n) mutilated face and a prisoner tattoo on the back of his left hand. Paying the man no mind they continue on their way.

They disembark eastward towards the coastline with a description of “in an alcove where the sun marks the location” and a marker on a map. They search three likely locations managing to find the talisman as the sun sets mid day. Immediately they set course for ‘The Walking City’ where Patrick return their bounty and claim their reward.

They are attacked along their way by a flying galleon, with a cowled man at the helm. They defeat the invaders and the captain deserts his ship. They tie the rest of the pirates to the mast and return to the floating city. Upon arrival the pirates are executed and their new vessel sold.

Their hunt for a noble elf named Kelvin Gout takes them to the city of Waterdeep. Here they are warned of a dragon aiding Tiamat before visiting the temple of Oghma where they garner that Kelvin is the one who murdered the twins parents. The Oghman cleric also gives them the information of his two hideouts. His residence in Cormanthor as well as his secret hideout in the tunnels below them.

The group stages an attack on Kelvins hideout below the streets, finding a gathering of his crime syndicate and Kelvin himself waiting for them. Kelvin escapes during the initial battle and flees the area. Mopping up the henchmen, Durion gives chase, finding Kelvin a short distance away, conversing with the towns Captain of the Guard. Durion charges Kelvin with murder and provides evidence required to put him away.

Durion rejoins the group and they discuss what must be done and decide that he should be dealt with now without giving him time or the chance to escape. Using an obscure law forgotten from times long ago, Patrick provides a means for the twins to execute Kelvin to gain their ultimate redemption. The twins step to either side and their elven light blades find their mark sending Kelvin to the ground. Durion takes a lock of Kelvins hair but as him and Beinon are leaving they glance back to notice the body is not Kelvins at all, but a stand in.

Using the talisman they travel back twenty-four hours to re-insure they kill Kelvin before he escapes the hideout. But during their planning they forget that they must keep things as it were or risk a fluctuation in events that happened. The group sieges the hideout to find things are not as they were. They find instead two of Kelvins hired muscle and two of his crime syndicate waiting for Kelvin himself to return. Durion is contronted by a huge gold dragon who seeks nothing but death and chaos. After Lorral almost dies by the hammer of a massive Goliath they manage to slay the remaining tenants. The group clambers out onto the streets of Waterdeep in time to see a coffee shop across the way ablaze with the Sylfir Noble symbol.



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