Jack T

Human - Warlock/Cleric


Jack Toelan

Father (O’Mack) was a noble merchant (ship wright) who spoke out against the tyranny the nobles were placing on the least fortunate.

Mother (Samantha) was a priestess (minor acolyte to Valani).

Though many thought it to be an attempt to sway the balance of power, Jack was engaged to Shar’ray’ Abadosa, daughter to another local powerful noble family.

Shar’ray’ viewed the relationship as artificial and demanded Jack do something to prove his worth and loyalty to her. Jack, in turn joined the local militia hoping this would be enough to persuade her of his desire to be with her.

Upon returning from a campaign against an invading party of sea orcs, Jacks men took him to their local tavern before retiring home. That night Jack was awakened to find his house on fire. He managed to escape, though barely, just in time to watch the house he grew up in explode with a fiery purple explosion. He fled to Shar’ray’ to check on her safety only to arrive in time to watch as her house exploded as well.

Since this time of great trouble, Jack has fled his pursuers, hiding in temples as best he can.

Jack T

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