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The Destroyer Revealed

…kills Johnny and the bodytheif that ate him before returning to town…
Patrick delivers a helper in the form of a human named Ben. Jack T receives information that Bella and Chase are currently in the Korrin Archipelago. They spot “The Duke’s Spirit” docked at one of the small trade cities. Upon arriving Jack T gathers a man named Everard ‘Shaded’ Ross has information they could use to locate them.

Finding Everard on the docks he agrees to give them the information they seek in return for a weapon a man named Christian Archangel has but their is a problem… Christian is in prison for piracy. Beinon and Durion fly ahead and find the prison while Jack T, Jack, and Lorral find out what they can from the other town folk.

Upon breaking Chris Archangel from prison and hire him as their second in command, Beinon and Durion deliver the pistol to Jack T. Jack T informs Everard that he will deliver the weapon once the information is verified. The group heads to Caer Corwell where they find Bella and Radgar at a local inn. After verbal threats between both groups, Jack T convinces the two to join them at a temple of Ohgma to determine what is fact.

At the temple, the clerics preform the same ritual used to see memories from Jack T on Bella. Once inside the memory Lorral sees a figure the others don’t, a man wearing seamless fullplate with no face. They emerge from the memory with Bella convulsing on the floor and Chase unwilling to help further till Bella is alright.

Jack T comunes with Nethys finding out that the culprit behind his families murder is a fiend named “The Destroyer”. The clerics give Jack T a location to start looking.

Upon arriving the group finds its way into the mountains near the lake of steam. After traversing the caverns they find a hole into the outskirts of Underdark. Once through this man sized tunnel they find a Beholder blocking their progression. After killing the beholder and several of the drow that heard the commotion the group gathered themselves for the fight they knew was on the otherside of the tunnel for one drow had managed to slip away.

Once down the tunnel, the group are engaged by 4 high ranking drow in the form of a Matron, Champion, Poisoner, and Priest. But even the drow could not best them and fell shortly after.

Group Leveled: 9th

Meet Your Maker

…return to Cormanthor Forest…

Upon their return to Cormanthor Forest the group encounters Patrick and an elf by the name of Eldin. After a brief introduction to each other the group head to the tavern waiting for the council to be summoned for Kelvins trial. While drinking, Eldin, Jack T and Beinon spot The Mask moving quickly and seemingly unnoticed along the forest floor. Giving chase they track Kelvin and witness him breaking into elven noble houses. Upon summoning the elven guard and informing them that The Mask appeared to leave something in the house, the guard search the premise and return with a bomb! Jack T quickly sets about disarming the bomb but in his rush makes a mistake that detonates the bomb killing the three guards near him and almost killing himself.

Eldin and Beinon inform two of the guards families of their deaths before quickly going about warning the other local nobles of the possibility that they may have bombs in their residences. Eldin and Beinon post outside of Kelvins house awaiting his return while the rest of the group reforms at the tavern. Jack T garners from Kelvins wife that they [Gout Family] are leaving the city. Eldin and Beinon go about examining the council chambers for explosives while Durion and Jack T check out the larger council grounds.

Discovering poison sacks and explovies under each of the council members chairs, Eldin and Beinon head back to the larger council grounds to assist the others in their search. Jack T manages to find several explosives set up to cause the trees to fall in on the on lookers and crush them. Eldin planar shifts the explovies to Kelvins family tree cellar.

The following day the council and residents gather for the hearing. Kelvin is convicted of murder and sentenced indefinite stasis. Durion requests better more fulfilling justice in the form of a duel. The council agrees. As Durion and Kelvin face off, Kelvins guards attack the rest of the group. After the brief encounter, Kelvin and his men are killed. The council reinstates the Sylfir name as noble heirs just in time to hear the Gout tree explode at the base and topple over. The remaining Gout family takes Kelvins remains to be buried.

Jack T asks the group to accompany him to Waterdeep where he asks the clerics of Ohgma to discern the location of Bella and Chase Radgar. They inform him they will begin to gather the information they can and tell him to ask Johnny in a neighboring town for further information. Unfortunately the group kills Johnny and the bodytheif that ate him.

The Mask Antes up

…Jack casts first targeting him with in which Jack T almost kills himself….
After a heated and almost physical confrontation the group arrives in Waterdeep just in time for the may festival. Durion seeks out Orirora Yader (cousin to the Sylfir family). Orirora informs Durion that Kelvin is in fact held up in Cormanthor Forest. They immediately set out to Cormanthor Forest.

Upon arriving the group begins gathering information as to what Kelvin is up to. Jack T garners from Kelvins wife that he [Kelvin] is planning to make a sizable purchase in Suzail, the item being sold at an auction for elemental weapons. Durion meanwhile sets about getting the council meeting started, which he is told will take place in two to three weeks time.

In Suzail they group finds Kelvins second in command and his brother at the auction with the intent of purchasing some kind of weapon. The last item up for bid is a Tower of Elemental Control which the two bid a couple times on before placing their final bid of 1,000,000gp. After a verbal exchange the group is invited to come see what they were out bid on in the morning.

On their way back to their inn after a night in the town the group spots a lone man standing just before the entrance to the inn just outside of town. As they stop, a 3 groups of assassins spring from their cover to attack. After slaying the aggressors with a little help from the inns resident adventurer they rest for the night.

The following morning the Beinon, Durion, Jack T, Jack, Lorral head for the beach. Upon arrival the two followers of The Mask immediately launch they tower generator. Wasting no time, Durion attacks first landing a blow before the men retreat to the floating weapon, a tower held aloft by wind and water. Once the group regroups on the tower they are attacked by a massive air elemental. After dealing with the attacking winds they deal with the two followers quickly but not before they initiate the self destruct sequence. With a few seconds to spare the group deactivates the self destruct and escapes the tower.

Once they gather on the beach they call Patrick and sell him the artifact for 1,100,000gp and a flying galleon. They then return to Cormanthor Forest.

Locks of Love
(Jack Episode) Jack stumbles upon clues to his dissention.

…a coffee shop across the way ablaze with the Sylfir Noble symbol…
Jack T quickly casts create water and puts the shop out. But panic has already stricken the commoners surrounding the area. Beinon, Durion, Jack T, Lorral, and Jack make haste across Waterdeep. Regrouping at the “Thin Mice” tavern, a plan begins to form on how to hit Kelvin where it hurts, his coin purse.

(Plot Twist Card is played)

After scouting the tavern for roughly an hour, a couple marks enter the scene. Bella Radgar, a voluptuous blonde clad in purple trench coat and wide brimmed purple hat enters first. Chase Radgar, wearing a bandoleer full of human(oid) skulls, a cybernetic eye, and his left arm tucked into his clothing follows in suit. Beinon puts his best foot forward and entices Bella to a late afternoon rendezvous in the dirigible. Jack T, feeling uneasy of the pair follows Beinon and Bella back to the ship. As Bella gets up to leave, Jack T spots a tattoo on her right shoulder blade, an anchor and chain, a symbol he remembers when he fled his region. Jack T asks her if she is a pirate to which Bella responds “What difference does it make?” Jack T promptly forbids her coming back to the ship.

Meanwhile, Durion arrives at the Temple of Oghma seeking info from his informant Kevin, an acolyte of Oghma. He finds that the section of the wall with their symbol of nobility is already inside being cast upon to find who did so. Speaking with Kevin, Durion is told her will be contacted with further information as to any leads on Kelvins whereabouts.

The following day, Beinon receives word that Bella is shipping off and he bids her farewell, leaving her with a refuge stone to Patricks city. Durion receives a message from Kevin to head to Baldur’s Gate to find his next clue. The group gathers back at the dirigible and heads southeast towards Baldur’s Gate and seek out a Beilen Yader. Three days into their travels the girls demand a break to stretch and get some fresh air. Once docked the group spots a lone Iron Golem in the woods with a leash around its neck. a few seconds after spotting the golem, a goblin exits the woods holding the leash. Sneevle, a goblin wizard wearing ragged nobles garb requests they recover a couple heirlooms of his tribes to help him gain leadership.

Traveling several miles into the forest they come across the troll village where Sneevle says the heirlooms currently reside. After defeating the main force, with the help of Lorral and her sisters, the group crushes the Troll Warlord. Upon giving +2 Cast Iron Skillet Greataxe and the Horseshoe crown to Sneevle the continue on their way southeast.

Upon arriving at Baldur’s Gate they quickly set about finding Beilen. After being tricked by a local tavern keep they stumble upon a trapped tunnel which finds them in the cross hairs of a crossbow held by Beilen.

The twins ask the elf a series of questions in the hopes of finding out Kelvins location, only to find out that Beilen is of lesser decent to the house of Sylfir (cousin). The find that there are 5 more cousins in Kelvins employ and Beilin advises the twins retake their rights on the elven court.

Back on the ship and headed towards Waterdeep, Jack T has another of his recent nightmares begins pulsing energy waves of the negative and positive planes of existance. While most of the crew is healed of their wounds, several are injured. Jack confronts Jack T and while Jack T begins to heal Jack, Jack casts first targeting him with in which Jack T almost kills himself….

The Twins Meet the Mask
(Durion and Benion Episode) Durion and Benion discover the man behind their parents murder.

After a couple weeks rest, Patrick reconvenes with the group concerning a talisman, a minor artifact that can be used to alter time itself. Garnering an informants name and location the group sets off heading west along the coast line to an island in the nation of Cheliax.

They meet up with Calfus, a peg leg pirate with a stuffed parrot named Mr. Tinkles. Calfus and Mr. Tinkles divulge the information they know of the talisman and mark it on the groups map. On their way back to the dirigible Durion notices they are being watched by someone in the market across the way, a male elf with a(n) mutilated face and a prisoner tattoo on the back of his left hand. Paying the man no mind they continue on their way.

They disembark eastward towards the coastline with a description of “in an alcove where the sun marks the location” and a marker on a map. They search three likely locations managing to find the talisman as the sun sets mid day. Immediately they set course for ‘The Walking City’ where Patrick return their bounty and claim their reward.

They are attacked along their way by a flying galleon, with a cowled man at the helm. They defeat the invaders and the captain deserts his ship. They tie the rest of the pirates to the mast and return to the floating city. Upon arrival the pirates are executed and their new vessel sold.

Their hunt for a noble elf named Kelvin Gout takes them to the city of Waterdeep. Here they are warned of a dragon aiding Tiamat before visiting the temple of Oghma where they garner that Kelvin is the one who murdered the twins parents. The Oghman cleric also gives them the information of his two hideouts. His residence in Cormanthor as well as his secret hideout in the tunnels below them.

The group stages an attack on Kelvins hideout below the streets, finding a gathering of his crime syndicate and Kelvin himself waiting for them. Kelvin escapes during the initial battle and flees the area. Mopping up the henchmen, Durion gives chase, finding Kelvin a short distance away, conversing with the towns Captain of the Guard. Durion charges Kelvin with murder and provides evidence required to put him away.

Durion rejoins the group and they discuss what must be done and decide that he should be dealt with now without giving him time or the chance to escape. Using an obscure law forgotten from times long ago, Patrick provides a means for the twins to execute Kelvin to gain their ultimate redemption. The twins step to either side and their elven light blades find their mark sending Kelvin to the ground. Durion takes a lock of Kelvins hair but as him and Beinon are leaving they glance back to notice the body is not Kelvins at all, but a stand in.

Using the talisman they travel back twenty-four hours to re-insure they kill Kelvin before he escapes the hideout. But during their planning they forget that they must keep things as it were or risk a fluctuation in events that happened. The group sieges the hideout to find things are not as they were. They find instead two of Kelvins hired muscle and two of his crime syndicate waiting for Kelvin himself to return. Durion is contronted by a huge gold dragon who seeks nothing but death and chaos. After Lorral almost dies by the hammer of a massive Goliath they manage to slay the remaining tenants. The group clambers out onto the streets of Waterdeep in time to see a coffee shop across the way ablaze with the Sylfir Noble symbol.


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